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The World Ranking of Countries in Elite Sport (WRCES) is an accurate index that gives a holistic and precise evaluation of nations in elite sport  

The WRCES ranks 206 countries having National Olympic Committees in all the sports recognized by SportAccord and others not yet recognized but having a high media popularity. A total of 115 sports are thus taken into account in the calculations. 

A recurrent tool to compare nations performance in sports is the Olympic Medal Table. The latter is biased by the fact that it does not take into account the popularity and the universality of each sport. It also does not consider many major sport competitions such as the football world cup, tennis grand slams, rugby world cup and formula 1. The popularity is measured by the media exposure of the different sports worldwide, and the universality by the number of countries affiliated to the main international sports federations.   

Another key difference with the ranking of Olympic medals is that it gives points for all the countries participating in a sport and not the top three only. This allows for all the countries to be ranked.

The WRCES was presented in numerous international scientific conferences around the world.
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